Benelli TORNADO 650 S £5999.00

Benelli TORNADO 650 S

The Benelli Tornado 650S is a compact and robust bike and is a unique and interesting version of the tried-and-true 650cc parallel-twin formula, and the Italian influence in design and execution contrasts with its British rivals. The crankcases are split horizontally, making oil leaks the exception rather than the rule. The flywheels are very light, so blipping the throttle gives a rapid response. The transmission has a very low 1st gear, while the 5th gear is treated as an overdrive. The front brake is very unique, being a two-sided affair featuring four shoes. The handlebars, mufflers, gas tank, instruments and headlight are all mounted on deep rubber bushings. There is an oil-level sight window (very uncommon back then) and the backup kick-starter is positioned horizontally.
But ‘the proof is in the pasta’ and pressing the oversized starter button fires up the motor smartly, giving instant results. The Lafranconi mufflers have a lovely soundtrack as you set out, enjoying the taut suspension. Steering is admirable, and stability excellent. The frame has been overbuilt in typical Italian fashion. The seating position is natural and comfortable with the Euro Sport bars. A lovely example of a rare and sort after Italian Icon.

Technical Data

Make: Benelli
Model: TORNADO 650 S
Build Year: 1972
Engine Size: 642
Mileage: 5709
Price: 5999.00