The new ss100

Brough Superior is a legendary marque in the motorcycle world, its products renowned for the highest level of quality, innovation and design. For twenty years the original company, owned by George Brough, created glorious motorcycles, known for their excellent performance and unrivalled engineering. George Brough’s factory closed in 1940 but today Brough Superior is back. In 2013 the re-launched company unveiled plans to build the SS100, a high performance, luxury motorcycle designed as a 90th anniversary tribute to the most famous Brough Superior model in the company’s illustrious history. In 2015 the first new SS100s will be delivered around the world.  

This extraordinary machine has the elegance, style and glamour of the jazz age but is powered by the most up to date, cutting edge components, many handcrafted in the Brough Superior workshops. The 1920s roar into the twenty first century.

Each motorcycle is made to order. There is a choice of three finishes and a number of options including optional wheels, handle bars, footrests and seats plus an optional APTC clutch and engine covers. Refer to the brochure for further details.

We also offer a bespoke service, we are open to any ideas you may have and will work with you to get as close as possible to what you are looking for.

For further information refer to our news.

The three finishes

Click on the images below to see a rotating 3D image of the finishes.



  • Traditional

    Brough Superior +
  • Racing full black

    Brough Superior +
  • Titanium

    Brough Superior +



  Engine Type 997cc watercooled dohc 88° V-twin four-stroke with four valves per cylinder, and composite chain/gear cam drive
  Bore x stroke 94 mm x 71,8 mm
  Power Euro 3 Homologation 100bhp (73 kW) @9800rpm
Sports version (off-road only) maximum of 130bhp (97kW) @8000rpm
  Torque Euro 3 Homologation 89Nm @7450rpm
Sports version (off-road only) maximum of 120Nm @6400rpm
  Compression ratio 11: 1
  Gearbox 6-speed
  Clutch Multiplate oil-bath Adler clutch with hydraulic operation
  Frame type Machined titanium frame with fabricated titanium subframe
  Front suspension Fior-type cast aluminium wishbone fork with twin articulated titanium triangular links, and monoshock adjustable for preload and rebound damping with 120mm travel
  Rear suspension Cast aluminium swingarm pivoting in engine crankcases, with monoshock adjustable for preload and rebound damping and progressive rate link with 130mm travel
  Front brake 4 x 230mm Beringer 4D Stainless Steel discs with 2 x four-piston Beringer radial calipers
  Rear brake 1 x 230mm Beringer 4D Stainless Steel disc with 1 x two-piston Beringer caliper
  Wheels 18 spokes (aluminum)
  Front rim 3.50 x 18”
  Rear rim 4.25 x 18”
  Front tyre 120/70 ZR 18
  Rear tyre 160/60 ZR 18
  Fork angle 23,365 °
  Fork offset 38 mm
  Trail 93,65 mm
  Width 730 mm
  Seat height 820 mm
  Dry weight 186 kg (410 lb)




Forged Piston


The SS100 forged pistons are made from aluminum alloy 2618A-T6A, used for high performance engines. The pistons are very high quality, produced using OEM processes and treatments; forging, stabilisation, semi-machining operation, sand blasting, shot peening on non-functional areas, finish machining operation and anti-friction skirt coating; MOLYKOTE D10.

Injection system

In close collaboration with a renowned OEM supplier, a specific fuel injection system has been developed to meet Euro 3 requirements. A Euro 4 evolution is planned. An AIS system, consisting of air injection in the exhaust pipes managed by the ECU, has been integrated into the cylinder head design, to help reach emission requirements.

MK2 chassis

The inspiration for the MK2 chassis has come from recent technological advances in the aircraft industry. It is entirely made from titanium and uses machined plates instead of tubes. This creates much more volume, which allows for example a bigger capacity for fuel and a larger airbox, without decreased stiffness. The suspension triangles, also from titanium, have been optimized. Combining tubes and laser cut sheets they have been enlarged to bring more rigidity to the steering and damping functions. Each frame is welded in-house by our specialist fabricator and is crowned with an enamel Brough Superior emblem. 

Smiths speedo

A special speedo has been developed exclusively for the new SS100, inspired by the iconic 5-inch Smiths instrument. Its large dial, combined with a really thin casing, gives an elegant sport classic look. This new design displays all the required information in a really simple and classic design. Speed is shown on a large dial with art deco fonts, the OLED display indicates engine revolutions, trip, odometer and cooling temperature. The integrated warning lights are totally discreet once illuminated to retain a classic look.

Front fork

The double wishbone front suspension has been chosen by Brough Superior for its superior technical advantages, which separate braking and steering to offer increased precision and enhanced comfort on any kind of road. The design of the front fork and swingarm optimizes the alloy casting process. FEM studies have been made to validate stiffness and handling. There is a completely new geometry for the steering system, bringing greater precision and stronger guidance in steering and damping. 

Clutch slave cylinder

The clutch caliper has been integrated into the new design of the primary drive cover, bringing greater protection to hydraulic components through an elegant slick design.

Brough Superior V-Twin engine

The new SS100 is built around a 997cc V-twin engine that was specifically designed for this motorcycle. It finally achieves George Brough’s dream of creating a Brough Superior SS100 fitted with its own bespoke engine - an 88° V-twin with its cylinders integrated into a horizontally-split semi-dry sump crankcase. This engine is designed to deliver thrills and performance throughout the rev band, as a bespoke engine it can be tuned to deliver anywhere from 100bhp to 140bhp, depending on engine mapping and customer choice.  

Art Deco brake calipers

The brake calipers have been designed exclusively for the SS100 in the classic Brough Superior art deco style, looking sober-chic and refined with a machined Brough Superior logo. They are entirely machined from a block of 6082 T6 alloy (an aluminum alloy used in aeronautics). This improved design combines lightness and stiffness and perfectly fits the front fork brackets. It’s the first time that a 4D brake caliper has been developed for radial mounting. It is very compact and 10% lighter than a conventional radial-mounted caliper.

Four-disc CMM brakesystem

The new Brough Superior SS100 has an outstanding brake system supplied by Beringer. This high-tech four-disc ceramic brake system combines top level performance and innovative design with reduced visual proportions, suited to the SS100’s neo-classical design and in keeping with simulating the appearance of an old-style drum brake. The main technical advantages of the 4D CMM AEROTEC system are the minimization of its gyroscopic effect on the steering, as well as reduced unsprung weight, while at the same time increased brake power.  



Technical Data

Model: SS100 MKI
Colour: Racing Black
Build Year: 2016
Engine Size: 998
Price: 52999.00